Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doc in Morning...

So the last two Monday's, I have been sent from the doctor's office to the hospital for high blood pressure. But guess what? As soon as I get to the hospital it seems my blood pressure is fine. I mentioned it to the nurse at the office and she said "I hear that a lot from mommy's, that once at the hospital they are fine!"

Does this sound funny?!?!?! Maybe there is something wrong with the machine in the doc's office? So I've decided that when I go into the doctor, if my blood pressure is high...I have my own solution. He can write me a prescription for a home pressure monitor and I can check it at home, and call in results to him. It is TOO HARD for me to be in the hospital one day a week and it seems to turn out to be nothing!

Now for my freak out moment of the week...I looked down in the car today and the diamond from my wedding ring was GONE. I cannot explain the pure terror that ran through my body I couldn't even think of the words to tell Chris what was wrong I just sobbed. He told me he would buy me another one, but that didn't help. This is my wedding ring, I don't want another one! It was horrible, I'm pretty sure I would have had a nervous breakdown (if I wasn't already) until about 5 minutes into my crying Nadine found the diamond in the back seat! Thank you God!